St James 500 Words Writing Competition 2019

For our first writing competition this academic year, we have held our very own version of Radio 2’s 500 Words Competition.

To enter the competition all the children had to do was write a short story in 500 words (or less).

Their short stories could be about ANYTHING they liked – space-ships, grannies, insects, microwaves or even their teachers!

The competition is split into the following 4 categories:


Years 1 and 2

Years 3 and 4

Years 5 and 6

The winning stories for each category have been chosen by the judges and recorded by a member of staff from St James.

All the recordings are now available to listen to (and download) using the links on this page.

Congratulations and well done to all the children who entered the competition. We hope you all enjoy listening to the winning stories!

Reception Winners

We have chosen two winners from Reception. The stories are called, Bossy Princess Spaghetti and The Magic Forest.

Title Download
Reception Winner 1
  1 files      28 downloads
Title Download
Reception Winner 2
  1 files      27 downloads

Year One & Two Winner

We have chosen a winner from Year One. The winning story is called Neve the Adventurer.

Title Download
Year 1 & 2 Winner
  1 files      31 downloads

Year Three & Four Winner

We have chosen a winner from Year Three. The winning entry in this category is called Heather’s Magical Feather.

Title Download
Year 3 & 4 Winner
  1 files      41 downloads

Year Five & Six Winner

We have chosen a winner from Year 6. This story is called The Lion Statue.

Title Download
Year 5 & 6 Winner
  1 files      32 downloads