Maths Calculations-Help for Parents & Carers


As the children progress through school, so do the calculation strategies they’re expected to use. The addition strategies taught at St James are outlined in the National Curriculum and can be found in the age related outcomes for each Year Group. 

With help from the children, we have produced a series of tutorials to support parents/guardians and children to understand the different stages of addition.

We hope you find them useful.

Year 3 Addition Strategies

Year 3 Addition of  3 digit numbers

Year 4 Addition Strategies

Year 4 Addition of decimals

Year 4 Addition of 4 digit numbers

Year 5 Addition Strategies

Year 5 Addition of decimals

Year 5 Addition of 4 digit numbers

Year 6 Addition Strategies

Year 6 Addition of decimals

Year 6 Addition of 5 digit numbers