Our Anti-Bullying Ambassadors

We are the St James Anti-Bullying Buddies. Our job is to support you, the pupils of our school. If you have any problems please ask us because we are always happy and able to help. We meet regularly with Mrs Strizaker-Bennett to discuss any children that may need extra support and our next steps for the future as the St James Anti-Bullying Buddies.

We are easily recognisable as we all wear a green badge with “Anti-Bullying Ambassador” on.

Our aim is to prevent bullying in our school. We visit all of the playgrounds in our school at lunch times. If you have any worries please talk to us and we will sort out any problems you may have. If you feel uncomfortable please have the confidence to tell us, or an adult in school, about what is going on.

St James Anti-Bullying Buddies

If you didn’t get the chance to see our ‘B Free’ project report on ITV Granada Reports…here it is! We are so proud of all the children involved from St James and Harmony Youth Project. Well done, what a great way to spread the message. Mrs Watkin