Severe Weather Arrangements

In the very unlikely event that school has to close, or partly close, due to severe weather conditions a text and e-mail will be sent to parents and carers by 8.15am.

Bolton Council will also be informed of the closure so that information can be put on their website. You can access this information by using the button below.

Local radio stations will be made aware and information will also be available on this website as well as the school’s Facebook Page.

If you do not hear from the school then please assume that it is a normal day and that we are open.

If conditions deteriorate severely during the school day then a decision may be made to close the school early. Again this is very unlikely but in this case a text and e-mail will be sent to parents/carers to inform them of any changes. Notices will also appear on this website and the school’s Facebook page.

Please be assured that we always do everything possible to keep the school open for the children throughout the winter without compromising their safety.

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