Church Links

St James Daisy Hill is a voluntary controlled church school. Voluntary Controlled schools were originally set up by voluntary bodies, such as the Church of England, and have important links with these bodies. ‘Voluntary Controlled’ schools are totally funded by the Local Education Authority (LEA), which employs the staff. The LEA is also responsible for admissions. The school governing body controls the use of the school premises, but have to follow general rules set by the LEA.

Recognising its historic foundation, the school aims to preserve and develop its religious character in accordance with the principles of the Church of England and in partnership with the Church at parish and diocesan level.

We are lucky to work very closely with St James the Great Church, Daisy Hill which falls within the Diocese of Manchester.

St James the Great Church

The ways in which we work closely with the church include:

  • Collective Worship led by a member of the church team
  • Half-termly Key Stage 2 services held in church
  • End of half term whole school celebration held in church
  • Christian Values celebrated during weekly celebration assemblies
  • Services for significant Christian festivals held in church
  • Taking part in special services and events in the Church calendar at local churches other than St James, such as the Easter experience and the Westhoughton Christmas Lights service at St Bartholomew’s Church
  • Year 6 participation in special leaver’s services at Manchester Cathedral and at St James Church
  • Confirmation classes held for those Year 6 children wishing to participate
  • Linking for combined projects such as working with the Christian music organization – iSingPop
  • Working together to support charities such as Christian Aid
  • Special events to help us consider our core Christian Values
  • Visits to the church as part of the RE curriculum
  • Church meetings held in the upper school hall
  • Church events held in the school building, such as Santa’s Coffee Morning
  • Use of the school building to house Christian groups such as Rainbows and Scouts
  • Sharing church news with the whole school community