St Jamesanory 

Episode 1

Sharing a Shell

This first episode is Julia Donaldson’s story, ‘Sharing a Shell’, and is read by Mrs Hartop. We hope you enjoy the very first St Jamesanory story!

Duration: 5mins 25secs

Released: Sunday 19 April 2020

Episode 2


The wonderful story of ‘Paddington’ (The original story of the bear from Darkest Peru) read by Miss Sweet on location at Paddington Station.

Duration: 8mins 48secs

Released: Sunday 26 April 2020

Episode 3

There’s a Rang-Tan in My Bedroom

This story was written by James Sellick and has an important message about the plight of the orangutan. We hope you enjoy this episode, read by Miss Clark.

Duration: 3mins 18secs

Released: Sunday 3 May 2020

Episode 4

Princess Smartypants 

‘Princess Smartypants’ by the author Babette Cole and read by Mrs Finney. We hope you enjoy watching this funny story.

Duration: 3mins 57secs

Released: Sunday 10 May 2020

Episode 5

Sir Charlie Stinky Socks and the Really Big Adventure

‘Sir Charlie Stinky Socks and the Really Big Adventure’ by the author Kristina Stephenson and read by Mr Prior. 

Duration: 10mins 38secs

Released: Sunday 17 April 2020

Episode 6

The Detective Dog 

‘The Detective Dog’, by the author Julia Donaldson and read by Miss Johnson. We hope you enjoy watching it with your children!

Duration: 6mins 19secs

Released: Sunday 24 May 2020

Episode 7

The Boy, the Mole, the Fox and the Horse 

We hope you enjoy this episode, read by Mrs Watkin. It is a book for people of all ages – full of messages of hope, kindness, friendship and resilience in troubled times. Written by Charlie Mackesy.

Duration: 5mins 27secs

Released: Sunday 31 May 2020

Episode 8

Mr Bump

‘Mr Bump’ by Roger Hargreaves. We hope you enjoy this animated episode, read by Mr Barker.

Duration: 5mins 56secs

Released: Sunday 7 June 2020

Episode 9


‘Spinderella’, by Julia Donaldson and read by Mrs Critchley. We hope you enjoy watching Mrs Critchley’s version of this endearing story.

Duration: 9mins 45secs

Released: Sunday 14 June 2020

Episode 10

No Matter What 


‘No Matter What’, by Debi Gliori and read by Mrs Anders. We’re sure you’ll enjoy this heart-warming tale just as much as us!

Duration: 4mins 56secs

Released: Sunday 21 June 2020

Episode 11

Oi Frog!


‘Oi Frog!’, by Kes Gray and read by Mrs Carroll. We hope you enjoy listening to all the rhymes. Maybe you could try some of your own!

Duration: 4mins 08secs

Released: Sunday 28 June 2020

Episode 12

The Tiger that Came to Tea  


‘The Tiger Who Came to Tea’, written by Judith Kerr and read by Mrs Bury. This is the final episode for now – we hope you enjoy it!

Duration: 5mins 21secs

Released: Sunday 5 July 2020